When I first came to Ti, I was eating unhealthy, inconsistent at the gym, and wasn’t pushing much weight. I knew by coming to him I would change up my habits and be more dedicated. The training was very intense, from burnouts, super sets, and heavy lifting, Ti will push you to reach your goal. Every session was intense and worth every dollar. After 24 sessions of intense training, not only did myphysique transform but my strength increased as well! I was designed a strict diet plan that fits just for me and I’ve been eating clean and healthier ever since. My strength has increased, especially in my bench press, from pushing only up to 185lbs to pushing 250lbs now. There was a big change from when I first went to Ti and now, I have a leaner and solid body now, eating cleaner, more dedicated to working out, and living a better lifestyle. Whether you are looking to shred more, cut down on weight, put on more mass, or just living fit, Ti will push you and make sure you reach your goal. I’m glad to have been a part of his journey to success.